40 x 40

IMG_2762IMG_2781I am celebrating  a really productive and happy year today. I’m really excited and grateful for all of the opportunities and connections that have presented themselves in 2013 . I’m grateful that people, a lot of people, saw, liked, and bought my work.

I’m rounding out the year with one last exhibition of small works on paper in Provincetown at http://studio411provincetown.com.  I am showing 40 5″ x 7″ drawings and they are $40 each.  I think it’s important to give people of various economic realities  the chance to buy art. I understand that a lot of people who like my paintings can’t afford them, but I want those people to have the chance to own something real. It matters a lot to me that people are so interested in me and what I do, so I made these small drawings as an act of love. I’m putting the drawings into this flickr stream. Some are being pre-sold, so if you are interested in owning some please contact the gallery.



This weekend also marks the end of my solo show  Materia Prima at http://hallspace.org. I am sad that it’s over and I hope that we can do this again soon. This show was the catalyst for a lot of personal growth for me and I am really pleased to be associated with such a strong gallery.

I hope wherever you are that you have a lot to be grateful for too. Happy Thanksgiving World.


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