Third Eye Drawing

I am happy to be back showing in Provincetown this week at starting on Friday.

I will have 40 small drawings and 11 paintings in the gallery for the month of December. If you are interested in any of the work but can’t get to Provincetown please don’t hesitate to contact me or the gallery.

I posted some of the drawings last week. The ones I’m posting today are a bit of a departure. Because I was making so many I had the chance to play and experiment quite a bit. I started all four of the images below by selecting a color and then closing my eyes and drawing with my left hand. I open my eyes to change colors and then start again. After a while I look while drawing and again, but I try to keep the same feeling.

I am doing this to try to break some old habits. I think anyone that makes art regularly is potentially in danger of getting too good at making art. By this I mean, we might attain a level of competence that enables us to make satisfactory work often and this skill actually hinders us in moving forward creatively and personally. I think it’s important to find ways of tricking myself out of doing what I already know how to do pretty well and to try something that may not succeed. This generates growth.

I am ambidextrous to begin with and I do use both of my hands while working, but this approach of closing my eyes was really helpful. I had to focus on what was generating the movement. I had to rely on my instincts more. I had to Feel. I often begin  drawings gesturally and then work over them and fill the page, and I wanted to see what would happen if I kept them light and open. I’m going to keep doing this on a bigger scale and I’m very curious to see how this translates into painting when I begin again in January.


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