Sunset with Sea Monsters

I’m a bit frantic in the studio. My show Blue opens at on August 15th. I still have a lot to do, but at least I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my rhythm back.  I feel like I am stretching canvas every other day, finishing things, banging together new ones, barely able to sit still to look at what I’m doing. After a turbulent spring I am beginning to feel a little more stable though. I’m different, forever different, but moving forward. All week I have been crashing around out of breath and anxious and haven’t sat down to reflect on a couple of really nice things that happened soI want to do that now.

First, a Dutch group Verfhond named me to their list of “1000 living master painters”. This was surprising and delightful. I can’t imagine how they came to their conclusion, and I wonder how many of the other ‘master painters’ are struggling to pay their rent. I don’t think lists mean all that much, but it was really nice and felt really good to read that some people that I don’t know think highly of my work.

The other thing that happened that is hugely meaningful for me is that a highly respected curator of a contemporary art museum bought a painting of mine from the gallery in Provincetown where I show. Just when I was getting walled in with self doubt and anxiety this person reached out. It’s really exciting for me that someone who is extremely knowledgable and who looks at so much high quality work all day every day would care about what I do. I’m going to try to let myself enjoy the moment a little, try to be buoyed along with this encouragement for a bit. Doubt peers at me behind every doorway, but I’m  trying to be happy.

This is the painting. It’s name is Sunset with Sea Monsters.



2 thoughts on “Sunset with Sea Monsters

  1. How exciting for you! You deserve all the accolades. You are very talented & hard working & creative.
    Hugs, Barbara

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